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Murphy Pet Hospital strongly advocates for microchipping, even for indoor pets, recognizing the potential risks of unexpected escapes. Each year, the American Humane Society reports over 10 million lost dogs or cats, with a considerable percentage never finding their way back to their owners. Unlike collars and tags, microchips offer permanent identification throughout a pet's life, with a 25-year lifespan, eliminating the need for replacement or recharging. The process is simple, relatively painless, and very affordable, contributing to the overall well-being of your pet./

Microchipping holds paramount importance as it enables easy scanning of the implanted chip to locate your information swiftly. Animal control officers and veterinary hospital personnel consistently prioritize this step when presented with a lost animal. 

With a microchip, the owner's information can be promptly retrieved, facilitating a quick reunion once contact is established. However, it's crucial to note that a microchip is only as effective as the accuracy of your contact information in the microchip registry, underscoring the importance of keeping this information updated for optimal efficacy. 

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