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Wellness Exams

At Murphy Pet Hospital, we prioritize the well-being of your furry companion, emphasizing the importance of annual wellness exams to safeguard their optimal health. For senior pets, aged over seven for dogs and over nine for cats, we advocate biannual exams and blood screenings, recognizing the accelerated aging process they undergo.

Our comprehensive wellness examination encompasses:

  • Thorough evaluation of your pet's major organ systems.
  • In-depth discussions about their appetite, diet, activities, and overall behavior at home.
  • Recommendations for regular diagnostic testing to address minor medical issues proactively.
  • Guidance on necessary vaccines to ensure your pet's protection.
  • Identification of subtle changes in health and fitness levels, such as weight and energy fluctuations, often unnoticed at home.
  • Early detection of signs of illness, allowing timely intervention before issues escalate.

Entrust us with the care and attention your pet deserves for a joyful and healthy life. Reach out to Murphy Pet Hospital in Sunnyvale, CA, to schedule an appointment for your cherished companion!